Decorative Irish art by KT McCaffrey

Welcome to the KT Artists website, home of decorative Irish Art by Irish artist KT McCaffrey. KT spends everyday in his art studio painting pretty portraits! He loves Irish culture and folklore and bases all his artworks around this.

KT Artists offers an exclusive collection of KT McCaffrey’s signature style of art with vibrant colours and a Celtic twist!. KT’s art is available to buy from our online store as limited edition fine art prints or original pieces! Our prints are produced to an archival standard by The Copper House Gallery in Dublin and presented on cotton rag paper.

Decorative Irish Art Collection

Decorative Irish Art

decorative irish art prints

Shop here for KT McCaffrey’s decorative Irish fine art prints.

Celtic Art Collection

celtic art prints

Shop here for KT McCaffrey’s Celtic art prints with tales of Irish Folklore.

Traditional Irish Art

traditional irish art prints

Shop here for KT McCaffrey’s traditional Irish prints of Irish culture.

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