The KT Artists Story

Welcome to KT Artists, a new online art store operating from the rural countryside north of Dublin city. KT Artists was founded in 2018 by Barry McCaffrey to sell his father’s artwork. Barry’s father, KT McCaffrey has being painting fulltime since his retirement in 2007.  His paintings focus on Irish and Celtic themes, capturing moments in time. KT’s has long being fascinated by Ireland’s legendary tales of Folklore and Celtic culture.

Barry McCaffrey has designed and developed the KT Artists website as a space where you can buy unique works of Irish and Celtic art.  KT Artists is operated from the family home in Dunshaughlin, County Meath by Barry. We are not a large, corporate e-commerce store with an overflow of mass produced stock who charge bargain prices because they want to make lots of money.

We are passionate about what we do and pride ourselves on the quality of the paintings and fine art prints. Every print is carefully handcrafted and produced from order. We ship directly from our house to yours. We hope you are inspired by our art, feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries.

Exclusive Irish art

This video is a short visual guide showcasing some of the Celtic Art painting’s and prints, available exclusively by KT Artists.

Celtic art in motion

This video is a time-lapse showing KT McCaffrey creating his artwork ‘Diarmuid and Grainne Escape’.

A little more about us

barry mccaffrey

Barry McCaffrey

KT Artists Founder and Designer

Barry McCaffrey, lives in Dunshaughlin and is son of KT McCaffrey. Barry has a strong graphic design background and has worked freelance on design and video production projects. He graduated from college with an honours arts degree.

Barry’s original plans were to produce a simple website and art gallery. This evolved to the creation of KT Artists, an online space where he could really showcase his father’s art. Barry designs and maintains the KT Artists website and all graphic design/marketing requirements.

Barry likes to spend his spare time listening to rock and heavy metal music. His favourite artists include Iron Maiden, Alice In Chains, Mastodon, Russian Circles and Meshuggah. Barry loves classic 1980s films such as The Thing, Terminator, ET, Stand By Me and Aliens. His favourite TV shows include Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, Dark and Game Of Thrones.

kt mccaffrey

KT McCaffrey

Irish artist influenced by Ireland’s Celtic culture

KT McCaffrey is an artist living in Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath, Ireland. KT graduated from the National College of Art & Design and spent over 30 years working as a graphic designer. KT retired in 2007 and spent the last decade painting his lifelong interests of Irish culture, theatre and Celtic mythology.

KT’s interest in Celtic art began in the early 1990’s when he produced a set of children’s colouring books based upon Irish Folklore Stories and legends. KT has also an interest in crime fiction, and has written several books in the crime fiction genre. KT’s main passion is producing art, he has created over 70 works of art to date and has featured in several art exhibitions.

When not painting, KT McCaffrey likes to spend his time listening to classic American Rock ‘N’ Roll legends such as Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry as well as original County music heroes such as Waylon Jennings and George Jones. His favourite authors are Stephen King. KT also enjoys modern TV series such as Breaking Bad, Westworld and Penny Dreadfull.

Irish Celtic art delivered from our house to your home

celtic art prints

Celtic Art Prints

We have an exclusive collection of Celtic art prints which tell a legendary tale from Irish Folklore and mythology.

celtic culture prints

Celtic Culture Prints

Our Celtic Culture prints offer you a vivid connection with Ireland’s passion for storytelling, theater and traditional music.

contemporary prints

Contemporary Prints

These prints offer a mix of abstract art, musicians and romantic dancing couples.

portrait prints

Portrait Prints

Our portrait prints offers Irish and international artists featuring playwrights, poets and musicians.

We offer FREE Shipping on all fine art print orders!

We offer Free Shipping on all fine art print orders across United States, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

celtic art paintings

Celtic Art Originals

Oil on Canvas Celtic art originals by Irish artist KT McCaffrey. This collection of paintings showcases Irish Folklore and Fantasy art.

celtic culture paintings

Celtic Culture Originals

Our Celtic Culture prints offer you a vivid connection with Ireland’s passion for storytelling, theater and traditional music.

contemporary paintings

Contemporary Originals

Our Celtic Culture prints offer you a vivid connection with Ireland’s passion for storytelling, theater and traditional music.

portrait paintings

Portrait Originals

These portrait paintings show Irish writers, playwrights and poets such as Oscar Wilde. We also have international artists such as Bob Dylan.

Oil on canvas paintings direct to your home

These oil painting originals are one of a kind. We ship originals across North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Fine art experts handcraft your print with respect

irish celtic art prints
kt mccaffrey at the copperhouse gallery

All Celtic art prints are exclusive to KT Artists

KT artists offers an exclusive range of Irish Celtic Art prints not available anywhere else. Most artworks are available in various sizes as well as limited edition prints

Our most popular prints include Celtic Art Prints and Celtic Culture Prints. We also offer Contemporary Prints and Portrait Prints.

These prints represent a significant cost saving compared to originals and look identical to the originals. Cotton rag fine art printing paper ensures that the prints not only look great, but feel great as well.

Irish art which brings character to your living space

Displaying art in your home or office can really bring character to your living space.  We love art to look as good as it possibly can, art is an investment and should really stand out!  Our fine art experts scan  the original to accurately reproduce it’s texture and colour. We use Cotton Rag fine art paper for all our prints and are proud that these prints look as good as can be. This fine art paper really feels great and shows artwork in the best possible light.

irish celtic art irish folklore
kt mccaffrey irish celtic art