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KT McCaffrey always adored art and began doodling sketches from a young age. Back then KT would sketch his favorite rock n roll artists such as Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry. He spent five years studying art at the National College of art and design in Dublin. It was here where he developed much respect for Irish literature, culture, and the arts. KT instantly feel in love with the works of Irish stained-glass artist Harry Clarke after a college trip to study Harry’s art style.

KT McCaffrey like most Irish people loves to hear a good story. He developed a fascination with legendary Irish tales from Celtic folklore. Stories such as the ‘Children of Lir‘ and ‘The Salmon of Knowledge’ captivated him. During the early 1990’s, KT published a series of children’s coloring books based his favorite Irish folklore tales.

KT paints subjects close to his heart. Many of his works are based on tales from folklore or a scene of Irish culture. KT has developed a style of art which borrows some influence from the great Harry Clarke. KT’s works are often described as decorative, colorful, and full of personality. You can always tell when your looking at one of his pieces with vibrant blues and purples, reds and yellows and those strong contrasting blacks. Spirals, dots, circles, and curves along with thick lashings of paint complete his signature style of art.

We hope you enjoy KT McCaffrey’s unique style of Irish art. If you would like to know more about his works head on over to our Instagram where we will be more than happy to chat to you!

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