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Tír na nÓg (Original)


Tír na nÓg is an original oil painting by KT McCaffrey. It is based upon a Celtic tale from Irish Foklore. Tír na nÓg translated into English means ‘Land Of the Young’.

” One day, Oisín and his father Finn Mac Cumhail were out hunting. Finn Mac Cumhail was leader of the Fianna, a group of great protectors who guarded the High King of Ireland. …”

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Painting Dimensions:
This painting measures approximately 60 cm width X 80 cm height on a stretched canvas.

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Tír na nÓg Celtic Painting

Tír na nÓg
(The Land of Ever Young)

One day, Oisín and his father Finn Mac Cumhail were out hunting. Finn Mac Cumhail was leader of the Fianna, a group of great protectors who guarded the High King of Ireland.

A magnificent white horse came galloping towards them and a beautiful young girl with golden hair was on its back. She reined the horse beside them and spoke to Oisín.

“I am Princess Niamh. I come from Tír na nÓg to take you, Oisín back with me and become your wife”.

She described the wonders of the Land of Ever Young and promised that he would have countless cattle and sheep, warriors to command and the gift of eternal youth.

Hearing of such wonderment, Oisín agreed to go with her and mounted the horse behind her.

The horse galloped away, crossing land and sea, never stopped day or night until they arrived at the golden palace of Tír na nÓg.

The King and Queen, Niamh’s parents, welcomed Oisín as their future son-in-law. On the third day, Oisín decided to visit his father and friends back in Ireland.

Niamh agreed that he should go but warned him, that on no account should he set foot on Irish soil.

Back in Ireland, Oisín was distressed not finding any trace of his father or friends. The great fortresses of the Fianna was now no more than mounds of earth.

Oisin did not understand that each day in Tír na nÓg was equal to a full century in Ireland. This meant that in reality it had been 300 years since he had left his native land.

While riding through Sligo he saw some men struggling to lift a heavy rock and offered to help.

Bending down from his horse to grip the rock, the strain broke the saddle and Oisin fell to the ground. Immediately he turned into a withered old man.

Oisin never saw Tír na nÓg or his beautiful Niamh again!.

‘Tír na nÓg’, Celtic Painting

Artist: KT McCaffrey

Artwork details:

Tír na nÓg Celtic Painting is a highly detailed oil on canvas painting by KT McCaffrey. This painting is based upon the iconic tale of Irish Folklore.

Artwork Dimensions:

The artwork measures 60 cm width by 80 cm height on a stretched canvas.


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artist KT McCaffrey

Artist: KT McCaffrey

KT McCaffrey is an Irish artist with a great interest in Ireland’s cultural and storytelling heritage. He studied graphic design at the National College of Art in Dublin.

KT McCaffrey lives in Dunshaughlin, County Meath, near Dublin. The artist likes to surround himself with everything he loves in life. He has a great passion for Irish literature, music, Celtic Folklore and the beauty of the Irish countryside.

KT McCaffrey blends all this to create his own style of art. KT has great respect for the Irish stained-glass artist Harry Clarke. Harry’s style is visible in many of KT’s paintings. The artist has created more than 80 oil on canvas paintings. Every brushstroke creates a rich composition with strong color contrasts, illustration and patterns.

Many of KT’s paintings capture a moment in time through the art of storytelling.  These paintings showcase scenes from Ireland’s tales of Folklore and Mythology.

For a more in depth look at KT McCaffrey’s journey as an artist, check out our blog post detailing his career.

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KT McCaffrey




Oil on Canvas




60cm X 80cm approx (width X height)