Cliona (Original)


Cliona is an oil painting from KT McCaffrey’s based upon Irish Folklore.

“Cliona had great magical power. She would visit the land of mortals in spirit form, usually in the guise of a fairy queen. …”

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Painting Dimensions:
This painting measures approximately 50 cm width X 70 cm height on a stretched canvas.

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Cliona Painting


This artwork represents a vision from a romantic and fantasy tale from Irish Folklore legends.

Cliona had great magical power. She would visit the land of mortals in spirit form, usually in the guise of a fairy queen.

On stormy nights, people on the shores of Ireland would look out across the waves and see the Sea God Mananan race across the ocean in his chariot.

Cliona fell in love with a mortal named Ciobhan of the Curling Hair. Cliona enchanted him to follow her to her magical land where their love grew.

She later agreed to Ciobhan’s wish to return to his native land. They sailed over the rolling sea with the sweet song of birds overhead. Cliona forgot that she was not part of the mortal world.

When they landed back in Ireland at a place called Glandore Bay, Cliona began to feel the pull of her spirit world.

Cliobhan reassured her that all would be well and set off to hunt for food. Cliona waited for him alone on the strand.

Moments later, she was lulled to sleep by magical music. A great wave of sea washed over the beach and carried Cliona back to her own world.

When Cliobhan returned he wept tears of great sorrow for the loss of Cliona.

To this day her magical voice can be heard across the waves as she sings out her song of her lost love.

‘Cliona’, Original Painting

Artist: KT McCaffrey

Artwork details:

Inspired by Irish Foklore stories KT McCaffrey included in his ‘Deirdre and other Heroines of Celtic Folklore‘ book published in 1989. It tells the story of Cliona (Clíodhna), a beautiful spirit goddess who lived beyond the sea in the magic land of Manannan.

Cliona had three colourful birds whose sweet songs coupled with the music of her harp could lull the sick to sleep. Cliona fell in love with a mortal and enchanted him to follow her into the magical land.

Later, Cliona returned with her lover to Ireland and landed at Glandore Bay in County Cork, where a great wave crashed over them and washed Cliona back to the land beyond the sea.

Her magical voice can still be heard through the waves of Glandore Bay as Cliona sings the song of her last love.

Artwork Dimensions:

The artwork measures 50 cm width by 70 cm height on a stretched canvas.


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