Salmon Of Knowledge (Original)


Salmon of Knowledge oil painting by KT McCaffrey inspired from tales of Celtic folklore.  This tale speaks of a magical salmon and anyone who taste’s it’s flesh will gain a world of knowledge.

Size: 60 cm width X 80 cm height on a stretched canvas

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Salmon Of Knowledge Oil Painting – Irish Painting inspired by one of Ireland’s most famous tales of Celtic Folklore

Salmon Of Knowledge oil painting by KT McCaffrey. This piece inspired from one of Ireland’s most famous tales from Celtic folklore and mythology. Legendary tales speak of a magical fish in the River Boyne called ‘The Salmon Of Knowledge’. It claims that anyone who eats it’s flesh would gain a world of knowledge. One day a wise old man finally caught the legendary fish. He ordered Fionn to cook the fish, however while cooking it he turned the fish.  The hot skin burnt Fionn’s thumb. Fionn put his thumb into his mouth to take away the pain, from that moment Fionn gained all the knowledge in the world!.

Oil Painting Dimensions:
This painting measures approximately 60 cm width X 80 cm height on a stretched canvas. All our original pieces are one of a kind originals and will no longer be available for sale once the piece is on it’s way to a new home!.

Limited edition fine art archival prints are also available from our store in various sizes for a fraction of the cost of the original paintings:

If you would like to purchase a limited edition art print version of this decorative artwork from Celtic folklore legend, follow the link to view ‘Salmon of Knowledge Print‘.

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