The KT Artists Story

KT Artists – Our Story

KT Artists was founded with Celtic Spirit and a heartwarming objective: to offer Celtic art inspired by Ireland’s passion for storytelling, folklore and Celtic culture.

We believe that art should be more than just a beautiful painting. Art transforms the character and personality of your living space; it takes center stage and conveys a story that gives you something to talk about.

Art can also improve your creativity by creating a relaxing and stimulating environment. Beautiful art can relief stress and evoke an emotional response to a moment in time or place. It is perfect for setting the mood in your home by expressing your individuality, interests and ambitions.

girl sitting on sofa with kt artists fine art print on the wall

Our KT Artists Journey began back in the 1960s.

KT McCaffrey lived on a farm in rural County Offaly, close to the small village of Clara. As a teenager, KT did not have an interest in running the farm. He would spend his days listening to breakthrough American rock artists such as Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry. This revolutionary music of the time inspired KT to become creative. He loved to draw art as a child, and this encouraged him to move to Dublin at the age of 17 to a new life in the big city!

clara bog county offaly

Clara Bog in County Offaly. KT McCaffrey was raised in Clara on the farm. Clara Bog forms part of this farm. This photo was taken on the family farm April 2019 by Barry McCaffrey.

The National College of Art and Design.

KT McCaffrey attended the National College of Art in Dublin for four years. He spent those years learning fine art, portrait art and still life. On College trips he quickly became captivated by legendary Irish artists such as Harry Clarke. KT really admired the artists stained glass windows and intricate artwork. This is where KT’s love of Irish and Celtic art was born.


dublin city over the river liffey

A view of Dublin City over the River Liffey during sunset.

Settling down with the family.

In the 1970s, KT married the love of his life from Rathfeigh in County Meath. After graduating from art college, KT McCaffrey settled down and moved to Dunshaughlin, a small village north of Dublin. Their only son, Barry McCaffrey was born in 1973; and KT began a career as a graphic designer to support the family life.

Irish Theatre, Playwrights and Literature.

KT McCaffrey developed a love of Irish Theatre, poetry and writing during the 1970s. He loved the works of Oscar Wilde, W.B Yeats, Sean O’Casey and Brendan Behan. KT joined an amateur Theatre group in Leixlip and directed several plays including ‘Juno and the Paycock’ by Sean O’Casey and ‘Hedda Gabler’ by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen .

ktmccaffrey paintings of Irish Theatre

These paintings by KT McCaffrey are inspired by the artists love of Irish Theatre. One the left is ‘The Plough and the Stars’ and on the right is ‘Juno and the Paycock’, both plays by Sean O’Casey

Celtic Art Graphic Novels and Children’s Coloring books.

In the early 1990s, KT produced a set of Celtic art graphic novels. These novels contained detailed black and white Celtic artworks and Stories featuring legendary heroes such as Cú Chulainn, amongst many others. This was really the seed to KT Artists.

Celtic art sketch from Deirdre Graphic Novel by KT McCaffrey

A dramatic Celtic Art sketch featured in KT McCaffrey’s Graphic Story book ‘Deirdre Heroines of Celtic Folklore, published in 1989.

Abstract and Celtic Art.

In 2007 KT began painting abstract and Celtic artworks.  This became his new passion as he created over 9 paintings per year. KT McCaffrey attended several exhibitions held in Ashbourne and Navan in County Meath.  KT’s works began to evolve from abstract Celtic art to a more story driven Celtic art. The artist revisited his favorite tales from Irish Folklore including the ‘Children of Lir’, ‘Tir na nOg’ and ‘The Salmon of Knowledge’.

celtic fairytales

KT McCaffrey paintings based upon Irish tales from Celtic Folklore and Mythology. On the left is ‘The Children of Lir’ and on the right is ‘Tir na Nog’.

Introducing KT McCaffrey’s son, Barry McCaffrey.

While KT was busy creating paintings, his son Barry McCaffrey was working freelance as a web and graphic designer. Barry spent 4 years studying an honors art degree course in Creative Digital Media. He up-skilled with his existing web and graphic design skills as well as developing new ones with video editing, photography, animation and content management. Barry graduated in 2013 and continued to up-skill every day since in this forever changing digital world.

Barry’s motivation to showcase his father’s art.

By 2015, KT McCaffrey had created over 40 works of art to much praise with friends, family and art lovers.  Several of his paintings sold at exhibitions.  His audience was captivated by the artworks, his style and the stories which the art captures. However, the artist did not have a website to display his work. Barry began designing a website to showcase his fathers work, but soon realized that a basic website and gallery would not be an ideal solution going forward.

kt artists painting sean nos

Sean Nos Painting by KT McCaffrey. Sean Nos is the name of a traditional style of Irish dancing.

Research and Development

Barry spent over two years focusing on the website and the product as well as customer expectations. He talked to many people and businesses within the industry for advice and feedback. Barry researched successful art and e-commerce business.  He soon came to realize that a future proofed, responsive and customer friendly website platform would be the ideal choice.

Product Research.

There are many websites where people can buy art. There are large business’s like Etzy to smaller websites ranging from cheap, mass produced artworks all the way up to expensive and custom-made fine art experiences. Barry and KT McCaffrey felt that using cheap and cheerful printing would not best represent our product. Instead, the aim is to produce a product that looks great, and more importantly; captures and delights the customer with the quality and an affordable price.

Fine Art Print Quality.

Using home, office and industrial printing did not meet our expectations. It is important that the colours are vibrant and have maximum fade resistance. Most importantly, the fine art prints appear identical to the original artwork. We approached the best fine art printing experts in Ireland and were stunned by the exceptional level of quality and detail.

ktmccaffrey viewing the original artwork

KT McCaffrey at the Copper House Gallery in Dublin. He is comparing his original artwork to the fine art print, both are identical in quality, detail and colour reproduction.

Customer Expectations

We are very proud of our artworks. KT Artists believes that art should be represented in the best light possible at an affordable price. There is no point delivering a cheap product that will negatively impact the appearance of the artwork or disappoint the customer. Our customers expect fine art to look great, after all it will take pride of place in their living space.

kt artists fine art prints at the copper house gallery

KT Artists recently at the Copper House in Dublin viewing the quality of the fine art prints.

Product Pricing.

We believe we have set the pricing of our fine art prints at an affordable price point that will satisfy our customers. We also wanted to give them choice of price and size to reflect their needs. One thing that annoys us about many online websites is additional charging such as packaging and delivery. KT Artists has no extra charges and includes Free Shipping with every purchase. To make this possible, we have chosen to go with rolled paper prints.

Framed Artwork

We decided not to offer framed prints for several reasons. It is very expensive to produce and ship framed prints across the world. Courier companies such as FedEx have told us that they do not allow glass for delivery as it can break easily. When it comes to framing, everyone has different tastes and environments.

Therefore, we feel that framing is best left to the customer. The customer can visit their local framing expert to choose a style to match their room or living space. It is considerably cheaper to have the artwork framed locally.


KT Artists commitment to quality.

Quality and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We use the best fine art printing and scanning techniques available in Europe. Our fine art printing experts produce every print to an archival quality with extreme quality, colour and detail. We believe that the colours will not fade for well over 200 years. To maintain a beautiful, premium appearance, we present all prints on high quality fine art printing paper.

KT Artists online store.

We offer an exclusive selection of original paintings and fine art prints for sale. The fine art prints are available in limited edition sizes starting from 44 euros including Free Shipping to your home. Everything we offer is available to buy from our store.

Join us on our journey!

KT Artists launched on 18th April 2019. We hope you like our art. We have a lot of ideas on growing KT Artists to provide new products and more artists at a later date.  Our aim is to regularly post special offers and discounts with great deals.

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