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Welcome to KT Artists:

KT Artists is a family art business near Dublin. We specialize in offering Celtic Irish Oil Paintings and fine art prints which have a story to tell.

Barry McCaffrey founded KT Artists is the son of artist KT McCaffrey. After spending several years working in the graphic design industry, Barry pursued a 4-year course in Creative Digital Media.

Barry discovered his passion for digital arts and after graduating from college, decided to develop a website that would showcase his father’s art.

KT Artists Initial Idea:

Barry’s initial idea was to develop a simple but attractive website and gallery. He researched other art websites and discovered that his father’s art has an original Celtic art style unlike most other artists.

This motivated Barry into developing a website on a far bigger scale, an online space where he could showcase the art to its full potential. He realised that a combination of an online store, blog and social media would represent the best approach.

Fun Fact:

Irish artist KT McCaffrey’s real name is Kevin McCaffrey. The artist wrote several crime fiction novels in the 1990s. His publicist decided that Kevin McCaffrey, should be called KT McCaffrey, as it gives the reader the impression that KT was a female author!

At the time female authors generated better sales than male authors. The name KT has stayed with Kevin ever since and KT McCaffrey remains his artists name!

If you would like to read more about KT McCaffrey’s journey as an artist, have a read of this blog post.

KT Artists:

Barry settled on naming the website KT Artists. The artworks of KT McCaffrey will be the primary focus to begin with. Barry has a vision to offer artworks from other artists whose art style reflects Irish Celtic heritage.

Over the next year Barry will attend art exhibitions in the hope of finding talented Irish artists to join the KT Artists platform.

KT Artists: Celtic Ireland and its Culture.

an sesuin

This painting by KT McCaffrey depicts a lively scene of a traditional Irish music session in a pub. Traditional Irish music is regularly played in Irish bars, especially in cities like Dublin and Galway.

We are passionate about Irish art, culture and our heritage. Ireland has a rich and colourful history. We have strong connections with our surroundings, social gatherings, music, art, literature and folklore.

KT McCaffrey’s artworks relate to Ireland’s Celtic and Cultural heritage. We believe we are different to most other online art stores in this respect.

KT Artists: Art which creates its own Story.

Ireland and its people have a long relationship with the art of storytelling. We love to tell stories.

KT McCaffrey has created a collection of artworks based upon Ireland’s ancient tales of Irish Folklore. These artworks portray scenes involving Celtic legends with tales of bravery, fantasy and romance.

Many of Ireland’s renowned tales are represented through art and available at KT Artists. These tales of Irish Mythology include Tír na nÓg, The Children of Lir, Cú Chulainn and The Salmon of Knowledge. These Celtic Folklore artworks all tell a story backed up with strong visual impact.


This painting by KT McCaffrey is a scene from the classic Folklore tale ‘Tir Na Nog’. Ireland has hundreds of mythological stories based upon Celtic folklore.

KT Artists: Custom made premium fine art prints.

Unlike bigger online retailers, our art is not mass produced and stored in a warehouse waiting to be sold.

Our fine art printing experts custom make each print for you to order. All prints are available as limited edition runs in a size of your choosing.

ktmccaffrey at copperhouse gallery

KT McCaffrey at the Copperhouse Gallery in Dublin.

KT Artists: Fine Art Prints – Expert handcrafted, premium quality.

We work closely with Fine art printing experts who share the same passion for art and their craft as we do.  The prints are produced using a Cruise Scanner, a world class archival scanner also owned by such institutions as the Guggenheim, the V&A Museum and the Vatican Secret Archive.

This ensures that the artwork image reproduction, colour balance and colour depth is the best it can be. All prints are presented on cotton rag fine art printing paper which not only looks great but feels great too. We are proud of our art and showcase it as a quality product with a premium finish.

KT Artists: Original Oil Paintings.

We currently have more than 60 original oil paintings available for purchase from our online store. These original works by KT McCaffrey represent a unique collection of Irish Celtic Culture exclusive to our store. Check out our blog, signup to our newsletter and connect with us on social media to keep up to date with latest artworks.

KT Artists: Irish Celtic Art delivered to your home or office.

Every order from KT Artists is well packaged and delivered directly from our home to yours. We ship directly across Ireland, United Kingdom, Europe, United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

KT Artists: Connect with us for exclusive offers and latest art additions

Keep up to date with our latest news and events as we regularly have special offers, seasonal events and competitions . Every month we will add more products. There are several ways you can keep up with the latest events at KT Artists. We will regularly update our blog with the latest products and news.  You can also sign up to our newsletter or you can connect to us via our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram social media accounts.